Backflow Incense Cones


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Plant-based backflow incense cones offer several benefits over traditional incense cones, primarily due to their natural ingredients and the unique backflow effect they produce. Here are some benefits and instructions on how to use them:

1. Natural Ingredients: Plant-based backflow incense cones are typically made from natural materials such as bamboo, wood powder, essential oils, and plant-based resins. This makes them free from synthetic chemicals, additives, or artificial fragrances, reducing the risk of respiratory irritation or allergic reactions.

2. Aromatherapy: Like traditional incense, plant-based backflow cones can be used for aromatherapy purposes. The natural essential oils used in these cones release pleasant fragrances when burned, promoting relaxation, stress relief, and mood enhancement.

3. Backflow Effect: Unlike regular incense cones, backflow incense cones are designed to create a mesmerizing visual effect where the smoke cascades downwards, resembling a waterfall or mist. This unique feature adds to the ambiance and can be visually soothing and calming.

4. Decoration: Backflow incense burners, designed specifically for use with backflow cones, often come in intricate and decorative designs. When paired with the mesmerizing smoke effect, these burners can serve as beautiful decorative pieces for homes, offices, or meditation spaces.


How to Use:
1. Choose a Suitable Burner: Select a backflow incense burner designed to work with backflow cones. These burners typically have a hollow chamber or hole where the cone can be placed, allowing the smoke to flow downwards.

2. Prepare the Burner: Place the burner on a flat, heat-resistant surface away from flammable materials and drafts. Ensure that the burner is stable and won’t tip over during use.

3. Light the Cone: Hold the backflow incense cone at the pointed end and light the opposite end with a match or lighter. Allow the flame to burn for a few seconds, then gently blow it out, leaving the cone smoldering.

4. Place the Cone in the Burner: Carefully place the lit backflow incense cone in the designated chamber or hole in the burner, ensuring that it sits securely.

5. Enjoy the Backflow Effect: As the cone burns, it will produce a steady stream of smoke that flows downwards, creating the mesmerizing backflow effect. Relax and enjoy the visual spectacle and the pleasant aroma of the incense.

6. Safety Precautions: Always supervise burning incense and never leave it unattended. Ensure proper ventilation in the room to prevent smoke buildup. Keep the burner out of reach of children and pets, and place it on a heat-resistant surface to avoid damage to furniture.

By following these instructions, you can enjoy the benefits of plant-based backflow incense cones while creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere in your space.


  • For best results place in on incense holder
  • Burn time 30 minutes approx. per cone
  • vegan and cruelty free

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