Dr Hibernica Finch’s Compelling Compendium of Irish Animals


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 ‘My own curiosity has led me to explore as much of the world of Irish animals as could possibly be done in a polite fashion.’

Dr Hibernica’s Compelling Compendium of Irish Animals celebrates the diversity and wonder of Ireland’s fauna. She examines the tiny Eurasian pygmy shrew to the enormous killer whale – with exquisite zoologically correct illustrations and light-hearted prose.

Dr Hibernica Finch is a rare bird. She’s as odd as a three-spined stickleback with four spines and as elusive as the pygmy shrew. But she knows more than a thing or two about bats and badgers, butterflies and basking sharks.

In her compendium of Ireland’s most compelling animals, you will find gorgeous illustrations and lots of curious information. Did you know there are lizards in Ireland, for example? Or that Irish badgers are friendlier than you might think? Or that sea urchins have something in common with hedgehogs? 

There’s so much to find out!