Guide to Marriage – Regency Era


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Guide to Marriage- Regency era –
You find yourself a single, young woman in need of a husband. Where will you meet a suitor? How best should you present your charms? Once married, what will you do with yourself all day? And how will you navigate the bedroom at night?
This 90 page, full-colour A4 guide has the answers. With gentle humour and quirky drawings you will discover fashion and beauty, gossip and scandal and the most up to date information on those delicate gynecological matters. Each book comes with hand- inserted letters, fabric snippets and wild flowers.

Divided into three sections, this delightful book explains how to find a man, how to live with a man, and where to turn if you don’t actually want a man. Specific details include:

  • How to wear the latest, flimsy, see-through dresses without contracting consumption – or worse getting the light fabric stuck between one’s knicker-less derrière in public!
  • Heretofore hidden details of bedroom activities between husband and wife.
  • New-fangled notions on child rearing believing that children are intrinsically good.
  • Recognising if your husband has given you syphilis and what to do about it , and
  • Alternative life choices for spinsters, such as disguising yourself as a man or finding love with a member of your own sex while evading criminal prosecection.