Horse Care For Kids: Riding & Training – Elaine Heney


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** Winner of the Best Young Adult Training Book Award at the EQUUS Film & Arts Fest, USA 2023 ***

Enjoy this ‘Listening to the Horse’ inspired children’s equestrian book, packed full of body language, behavior, horse health, grooming, feeding, safety, tack, groundwork and riding tips for the young rider. Perfect for boys & girls ages 6-11 who love horses & ponies!

This much loved children’s book is based on the philosophy of Listenology and listening to the horse, being kind & practicing good horsemanship. It is written by Elaine Heney, the author of the acclaimed ‘Listenology’ book series.

And to make it totally unputdownable, this book is also packed full of horse themed activities including mazes, word scrambles, crosswords & horse themed puzzles. So much fun for kids!

Discover the world of horses with this ‘must read’ book for kids.

Book contents:

  • Instruction to horses
  • What you need to know about horse behaviour
  • The horse handwriting challenge
  • Horse body language explained
  • How to bond with your horse
  • The horse bonding quiz
  • Common horse breeds
  • Find 5 common horse breeds
  • Exploring the horse disciplines
  • Amazing horse colors
  • The horse colours word scramble
  • Introduction to horse anatomy
  • Parts of the horse’s body challenge
  • The equine skeleton
  • Discover your horse’s teeth
  • Your horse’s feet explained
  • Horse care quiz
  • What every horse needs
  • Equine feeding & environment
  • Common illnesses in horses
  • Helping the sick horse
  • Sick horse word scramble
  • Help the vet maze
  • Grooming your horse
  • Parts of the saddle & bridle
  • Bridles & halters
  • Find the lost saddle puzzle
  • The magic of horse math
  • Important horse safety tips
  • Horse safety quiz
  • Horse rider clothing
  • Advantages of the mounting block
  • Horse training basics for success
  • Starting groundwork with your horse
  • Horse riding & listening to the horse
  • Understanding walk, trot & canter
  • Horse words scramble
  • What not to do with your horse
  • Great horsemanship
  • Pony savings tracker