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Dad, Daddy, Taxi man, fixer upper of things, sometimes Bank of Dad, always Chief Slagger or the Auld Fella.
Our time with our Dad is a series of moments.

Moments such as:
When they put the foot down and we pay attention.
When we have had a rough day, and they give us that bear hug. A hug that possibly possesses medicinal qualities.
When you head out to your first teenage disco and they wonder if you really are leaving the house dressed like that. (and yes, yes we were)
When the future of your new relationship depends on the firmness of the handshake given to your Dad.  Weak shakers BE GONE!
When they walk you down the aisle and both of you are leaning on each other.
When they stifle a giggle as you inevitably fall five minutes after they teach you how to ride a bike.
How amazing it is that when your world has turned upside down, they are there unconditionally.
When they explain something about their favourite team, and you do your level best to understand. (You say you understand but the vague look in your eyes means that you both know, you are still clueless.)

When you fall out with a pal and your Dad simply states ‘Be grand.’

And they are  right. It will always be grand.


But there are so many people who can be, and are that Father figure to us in our lives.

A big brother, a mate, an uncle, a grandad or even a family friend.

Whoever that person is these socks are for them.

— A handy few phrases to complement your Da with a bit of Irish —

Happy Father’s day Lá na nAithreacha Sona

I love you Dad! Grá mo chroí thú Daid!

Best Dad in the world An Daid is fearr ar domhan



80% Cotton 17% Polyamide 3% Elastane

Designed in Galway

Irish SockSciety

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EU 3-7, EU 8-12