Mucking About


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“When he wasn’t messing around playing games, Muck was a well-trained pig and Manchán had put a lot of work into training him.”

We are in Ireland and it’s an awfully long time ago. Centuries and centuries. The country is supposed to have gone Christian, but there’s still magic in the air, salmon in the rivers, berries in the bushes, druids in the forest, a Worm in the lake, fairy music in the distance.

Manchán doesn’t want to be a monk. Not when he could be going fishing with his friend, Pagan of the Six Toes, or charging through the forest with his pet pig, Muck, or learning about the mysteries of time with the druids. Or riding over the bog on the chieftain’s mad ram, Balor. Anything, really, that’s fun or adventurous or magical – and absolutely nothing to do with turnips, penance, prayers, monks and chanting.

Shortlisted for Children’s Books Ireland Book of the Year (2019)

Shortlisted for The Literacy Association of Ireland Children’s Book Award (2019)

Nominated for IBBY Honours List (2020)