Remembering Me- Ruby Eyre


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A story set in World War II that follows brave women who nursed through the war. It tells the story of the sisterly bond formed between the nurses and how this bond carried them through their lives.

Remembering Me takes you on a journey of Lucy’s life. From the first page, Lucy is remembering faces and memories of her life and through old photographs, she tells her story. At seventy-eight years of age, Lucy never imagined that she would be looking back at her life and mourning a lost time.

With her lifelong friend and fellow nurse, Lilian, Lucy recalls her old nursing days and World War II while also recalling old memories and secrets that have been locked away for over fifty years.
Lucy tells her brave tale to her daughter and granddaughter, but will they be able to accept this new image of Lucy after they hear her story? Will they be able to hear the family secrets that have been locked away for over half a century?


About the author :

Ruby Eyre is an author from County Laois, Ireland. ‘Remembering Me’ is her first book. Through completing her degree in Criminology and her Masters in Anthropology in University College of Cork, Ruby dedicated her spare time to writing and editing Remembering Me. From a young age, writing has been an integral part of her life with music and history being the other loves. World War II has always held a special fascination and place in her heart. From a short visit to Utah beach, France, in 2017, the idea of Remembering Me began and with time grew into this book.