Saddlestone: Conor & Coconut – Elaine Heney


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9 year old Conor lives in Donegal with his three year old Connemara pony Coconut. He loves all animals and dreams of becoming a vet when he grows up. When Conor wins a place with Coconut at the Saddlestone Connemara Pony Listening School in Galway, he can’t believe his luck! But disaster strikes on the first day, when the principal Mrs. Thundercare says that Conor can’t ride Coconut at Saddlestone. Will Conor have to say goodbye to Saddlestone and give up his dream of becoming a vet? Enjoy the twists and turns in this exciting Saddlestone adventure.

This wholesome and beautifully told horse story is perfect for horse-crazy kids aged 7 upwards. 

Written by international horsewoman and award-winning documentary director, Elaine Heney, this tender and touching story explores the depth of the relationship that can be created between child and pony – that can last a lifetime. This book includes educational horsemanship and horse training lessons, including tips on feeding, vet care and saddle fit, based on the principles of good horsemanship. This is the perfect children’s equestrian book and gift for young readers, girls, boys and all who love great horse stories to curl up with and enjoy.