Saggar Vessels by Claire Molloy Ceramics


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The process of the sagger is when the pieces are bisqued fired to 1000C.

Claire puts ferric chloride on them and wrap them in tinfoil along with wood shavings, hay, horsehair and sometimes seaweed.

The tinfoil that they are wrapped in is called the saggar. It’s then put into the gas fired raku kiln and fired to about 800C .

The tinfoil has a reaction with the ferric chloride which causes the reds pinks and peachy colours.

The wood shavings cause the black colour and the hay and horsehair sometimes cause the whitish grey lines.


Please note because the pattern of each piece is truly unique, the pattern will differ from that of the piece shown.

17.5cm tall and 16cm tall


Made in Kilkenny by Claire Molloy Ceramics

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16cm high, 17.5cm high