The Sackville Street Caper


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Age 10+

Eleven year old Bram Stoker, future author of Dracula, escapes school to 1850s Dublin City seeking adventure. There he meets Molly Malone, accomplished sneak thief and part time fishmonger. Together they must thwart the evil Count Vladimir who plans to steal the Irish Crown Jewels from Dublin Castle.

Dublin, 1858

BRAM STOKER: boy seeking adventure (and things to write about)

MOLLY MALONE: part-time fishmonger and full-time sneak thief!

When Bram runs away from boarding school and meets streetwise Molly, he finds all the excitement he’s ever wanted. Together they explore the city, with its Sackville Street Spooks, hoodlums and heroes – and let’s not forget the very creepy Count Vladimir Grof-Constantin de Lugosi.

As Bram looks for inspiration for the famous book he has yet to write
– DRACULA – our two heroes stumble upon a dastardly plot to steal …
the Irish Crown Jewels!

Let the game of cat and mouse begin

Paperback: 224 pages
Size:196×130 mm
ISBN: 9781788493185
Written by Alan Nolan, Cover illustration by Shane Cluskey