Traditional/Controversial – Trevor Walsh


Pop Art inspired by Irelands national sport – Hurling.

Created by Laois artist Trevor Walsh

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Pop Art inspired by Irelands national sport – Hurling.

For people who may not know hurling is a fast-paced and highly skilled game which is deeply ingrained in Irish culture and history. The game is such a part of Irish history and culture that the origin story of the mythological hero Cú Chullainn.

The inspiration for this piece of art comes fromthe controversy started in 2010 when the GAA introduced a new synthetic sliotar that was bright yellow in color as a replacement for the traditional white leather sliotar. This change was intended to make the ball more visible for players and spectators, especially in low-light conditions.

Some traditionalists felt that the yellow sliotar was too bright and unnatural, while others argued that it was easier to lose sight of against the green grass of the playing field. In response to these criticisms, the GAA introduced a new white sliotar in 2014. However, the white sliotar also proved to be controversial, with some players and fans arguing that it was too difficult to see against the sky or in bright sunlight.

There is ongoing debate within the GAA and among hurling enthusiasts about the best color for the sliotar. Some have called for a return to the older brown leather bal,l which itself went out of use by the 1960’s, while others have suggested experimenting with different colors or materials to improve visibility and playability. Ultimately, the color of the sliotar remains a contentious issue in the world of hurling.

A3 print on archival paper

Please note these can be framed, get in touch to add a frame

Created by Laois artist Trevor Walsh